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Screenshots See also List of software packages useful to graphic designers References External links Category:Graphics software Category:MacOS graphics software Category:Post-impressionist painting Category:Adobe Creative SuiteBig Bang Theory (comic) Big Bang Theory is a science fiction comedy webcomic by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. The comic is based on the animated series of the same name. It has three main characters: Sheldon, Leonard, and Amy, who attend Caltech. The comic was created in June 1999. Adams is an unabashed fan of the television series, which he regards as "the best sitcom on the planet". The series is similar to Dilbert in plot, though, due to the nature of the medium, there is less substance to the story than there would be in a TV series. According to Adams, the comic is "for people who have some familiarity with the TV show and are looking to watch the same thing but in comic form". The comic came out as a webcomic in June 1999. Adams ended the comic in May 2008, and started publishing new comics in a weekly format starting in June 2009. Adams has stated that Big Bang Theory will be available as a novel in 2012. References External links Scott Adams' Big Bang Theory comic at Category:American comedy webcomics Category:1999 webcomics Category:2000 comics debuts Category:Fiction set in the 22nd century Category:Science fiction webcomics Category:Comics based on television series Category:Caltech Category:Comics set in California Category:Science fiction comedy webcomics Category:Comics about time travel Category:Time in fiction Category:Comics about scientists Category:Television programs based on comic strips Category:Comics set in the future Category:American comics adapted into television series } else if (line.equals("fast")) { mJNI.fastSet(true); } else if (line.equals("fastfree")) { m

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